Measuring Glass Panels

Oral Curtain personel will take measurements of your homes screens so that we make sure we tailor it to you and your home.

The Best fit for you

We have a wide range choices which fit your taste and desires, so that you choose the one that you have always wanted without any doubt.

We place it for your

Finally, the installation is done by our professional team, so that it comes out the way you dreamt it when you told us.


Our quality managemnet system is about bringing light into moodern curtain systems which cotribute to improved daily living standards, to be leading company both domestically and abroad.

  • respect the timeframes set out by our clients,
  • To increase satisfaction and morale of our employees,
  • To fulfill our responsibilities to the environment, humanity and universal values,
  • meet customer decorative and technical textiles expectations ; strong designs, make a difference with innovative products and services.


Continuously improve our products through evolving technologies, inorder to meet our customer needs everyday.

  • We keep our customer satisfaction at the forefront by responding to customer expectations,
  • Pursuing the principle of continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations by providing quality products and services,
  • Adhering to provide competitive advantages to our existing value,
  • To adopt and implement modern management systems.

Our Values

Our company is committed to producing modern curtai systems, and it aims to maintains this market leadership in the market.

  • We have a quality management system approach which aims to improve the quality awareness of our staff through all levels of bringing our product to our clients,
  • We aim to meet our legal Obligations, we will comply with legislation o the quality and conditions of our organisation,
  • We continuously improve our quality management system .

For those who want a refreshed screen, we have the Z curtain service . Our professional staff take the time to come to your house to discuss the your choice and take necessary measurements on the spot . Later the assembly of the curtain is erected in a ​​by our Oral professional team .

Motorized curtain automation and smart home systems are compatible with oral Curtains and have seen them become a popular solution to various construction and procurement projects .

in order to ensure a sustainable production while preserving our environment, national and international agreements, guidelines , protocols , laws and kept under control environmental impact by following the directorial reduce these impacts , the environmental performance of our continuously improve all production activities of our ' Operational Business Excellence ' to perform a rest from future generations safety as we perceive our environment is to return to the trustee. In order to ensure sustainable production while preserving the environment, we make sure to adhere to international agreements, guidelines, protocols and laws. Under these boundaries can we reduce the impacts caused by any kind of production to the environment. This in turn improves our business ' Operational Business Excellence ' by preserving the present for our future generations.